Choir MASKA returns from Japan with two Grand prix prizes and comes up second in “Eurovision Choir 2019”

July 16, 2019 choir MASKA began its longest and most ambitious tour, where we had planned three competitions in three weeks and a few concerts on top of that.


Koris MASKA and jury member Brady Allred in 35th Takarazuka International chamber choir competition


Choir’s management with prizes of 35th Takarazuka international chamber choir competition


The first part of the tour was really successful as choir managed to get gold prizes both in renaissance and contemporary music categories as well as Grand Prix of 35th Takarazuka International chamber choir competition. It is a great joy that Latvians have come up winning the event repeatedly, since Youth choir  “Kamēr…” had already done it a few years ago.


Japan tour continued with choir MASKA performing a 2-hour solo concert in Kyoto’s Nagaokakyo Memorial culture centre Great Hall on July 23. It was a great honour to perform in the concert series with such world-famous artists as The King’s Singers, Sofia Vokalensamble and KammerChor Saabrucken. MASKA was very well recieved, as we got a lot of really nice words and best wishes for following events. We believe that many of our new Japanese fans are listening to our newest CD “Dedication”.


The next day MASKA caught a bullet train to Tokyo, where a special master class was held wiht Japanese choir “Gaisma”, working on pieces of Latvian choral music. Later choirs held a concert in Morishita Culture centre hall, performing 3 Latvian choir pieces together. On July 25 the two choirs met again in a very warm and friendly acceptance in Embassy of Latvia in Japan, having nice talks, building new friendships and of course – singing together.


Koris MASKA and koris GAISMA in acceptance in Embassy of Latvia in Japan


The following days in Tokyo were spent, participating in 2nd Tokyo International Choir Competition), which is one of the four legs for World choral Grand Prix. MASKA performed in mixed choir category, where we came 1st and contemporary music category, where we landed 2nd place. Having the possibility to perform in the final round, we performed “Stars” by Ēriks Ešenvalds as well as two pieces that are dedicated to our choir – Part Uusberg’s “O Magnum Mysterium” and  “Nāc, Dieviņi!” by Laura Jēkabsone. Performing these beautiful pieces to our best capabilities let us win the Grand Prix of the competition and be nominated to the final of World Choral Grand Prix in fall of 2020 in Rimini, Italy.


Koris MASKA in “Eurovision Choir 2019”


The grand tour was wrapped up in Gothenburg, Sweden, where choir MASKA represented Latvia in international TV choir competition “Eurovision Choir 2019”. In the semi-final round MASKA performed powerful “Father Thunder” by Laura Jēkabsone, which granted us a spot in the final round with two other choirs. Performing yet another masterpiece by Laura Jēkabsone – “Nāc, Dieviņi!” – we came up second, wherefore Danish choir “Vocal Line” were crowned the winners of this year’s event, leaving “Jazzva” from Slovenia in 3rd place.

We are truly happy for the support and cheering the choir has felt during these weeks – thank you! Special thanks to Babīte municipality for always supporting us and for the nice welcome home togehter with friends, families, choir “Atskaņa” and members from kokle ensamble “Balti”.

Choir MASKA will go to Goteborg, Sweden to represent Latvia in contest “Eurovision Choir”

LTV has announced that Koris Maska will represent Latvia at Eurovision Choir of the Year 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Latvian national broadcaster has announced that Koris Maska will be representing the nation at the second edition of Eurovision Choir of the Year 2019. Koris Maska was selected by a jury at the Latvian broadcaster formed of:

  • Kaspars Ādamsons – Conductor
  • Ieva Rozentāle – Editor of Cultural Programming at LTV
  • Mārtiņš Klišāns – Conductor,
  • Lauris Goss – Expert of choir and vocal ensembles of the Latvian National Culture Center
  • Līga Celma-Kursiete – Conductor

Koris Maska was formed in 2000 and is a mixed choir from the Babīte Municipality. The choir has competed in choral competitions across Europe and has performed in countries such as Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia and Australia.

Reacting to their selection as the Latvian participants for the contest in August, Kaspars Ādamsons commented:

I feel the mythological power that comes from the sounds of nature and Latvian folk songs, gradually growing and culminating in the mighty Thunder. The movement and their synchronous performance give the performance a ritual mystery, while the national singing chamber allows the listener to appreciate the power of Latvian tradition in music.

We invite you to “ChristMASKAs with Kaspars Zemītis”

December 15 at 18:00, mixed choir MASKA and conductor Jānis Ozols invite you to “ChristMASKAs with Kaspars Zemītis” in St. John’s church in Riga!

For many years choir MASKA creates wonderful concerts in the time of advent, performing new Christmas songs and cooperating with greatest Latvian musicians. This time it is the guitar virtuoso Kaspars Zemītis.

Tickets can be found in:

Meklējam jaunus dziedātājus, kuri vēlas pievienoties korim MASKA un kopā meklēt jaunas pasaules malas.

Ja jūti, ka dzīvē pietrūkst muzikālu izaicinājumu, un proti dziedāt, gaidīsim Tevi uz noklausīšanos 1. oktobrī.

Lūdzu, aizpildi pieteikuma formu. Par noklausīšanās norisi un konkrētu laiku informēsim Tevi e-pastā.

Informāciju par mēģinājumu norises laikiem un vietu atradīsi sadaļā Kontakti.

XXVI Latvian Song celebration

Five years have passed and the magical moment, when all choristers join in a unite song is just around the corner. In other words – the XXVI Latvian Song celebration is here, this time dedicated to the Latvian centenary.

We, Choir MASKA, are especially happy to be an important part of the celebration, since we will:

  • On June 30 fight in the “Song wars” (Choir competition that takes place once in every five years, where the TOP20 mixed choirs from all over Latvia, which have been evaluated by jury during this spring, participate);
  • On July 1 together with the very best Latvian musicians, we will perform at the Opening concert that is a special event for the participants of the celebration. We are very proud that it will be conducted by our own Jānis Ozols;
  • On July 7 and 8 we will sing in the Closing concert and its dress rehearsal together with other 426 choirs;
  • In the end during the night from July 8 to July 9, we will keep the song going on in the sing-along night.

It is a very tense time for the choir, however it is spent with great joy of being together and strengthening the traditions of singing. Hope to see you in the events and concerts. We will be especially happy about the support during the Song wars, where we will perform as #7 in the group that starts at 19:30. More info about this event can be found here.

About other events of the celebration please follow and celebration’s facebook page.

Choir “Maska” celebrates 28th Restoration of Latvian independence day

On May 4 choir “Maska” had the honour to participate in the celebration of the Restoration of independence day, performing a great concert “The stops of freedom” right by the Monument of freedom. Choir is really happy to be a part of the central event of this celebration, especially due to this being the year of Latvian centenary. MASKA starts the performance at 50th minute, however we recommend to watch all the performance, where you will hear some old and some new stories:

Choir “Maska” invites to Mozart’s “Requiem” on Good Friday

On the Good Friday (March 30) we invite you to W. A. Mozart-  REQUIEM.


  • Orchestra “Riga”
  • Conductor Jānis Ozols
  • Choirs “Maska” and “Pa Saulei”
  • Soloists Jolanta Strikaite-Lapiņa, Ieva Parša, Raimonds Bramanis un Rihards Mačanovskis.

Will be performed the version by Desire Dondeyne.



Choir “Maska” in Australia

Ending the busy season and entering the significant year of centenary of Latvia, choir “Maska” spent three weeks in Australia, bringing Latvian choir music to this very far, far land and giving all the best both to the local Latvian society and Australians. These three weeks were full of various adventures and beginning of new friendships.

On December 25, just a few days after choir’s annual concert ChristMASKAs, which we enjoyed together with Vestards Šimkus, the choir got onto plane and began the journey to the other side of the planet – Australia, where the choir’s first concert tour outside of Europe was awaiting. If we don’t consider the unlucky situation that the luggage of 2/3 of the choir was left in Beijing, the traveling was successful and on December 28 MASKA gave the first concert at the opening of 35th Australian Latvian Youth days, for the first time singing in regular clothes, as the costumes were only on their way to Sydney. On the following day, choir gave a full 2,5h concert in Sydney Latvian house, gathering a full house of both Australian Latvians and guests. A full review can be found in newspaper “Latvietis”.

On the last day of 2017 choir’s artistic director Jānis Ozols led a workshop for Sydney’s choir society, showing the best warm-up and vocal exercises, and together with choir MASKA singing several songs form the repertoire of the following song festival dedicated to centenary of Latvia. Choir celebrated the coming of year 2018 in Sydney Latvian house in a fun event together with Australian Latvians, creating more and more new friendships.

Photo: Rūdis Dancis

On January 3 choir went to the capital of South Australia – Adelaide. After enjoying quality free time, on January 6 choir gave the hottest concert in choir’s history, since the temperature both outside and inside of Adelaide St. Peter’s church was 42.5°C

Further the choir traveled to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road, enjoying three beautiful days, full of marvelous landscapes, look-outs, hiking paths and ocean itself. Although there wasn’t a workshop planned to be held also in Melbourne, however local choirs – mixed choir “Daina” and male choir “Veseris” asked for one really nicely, since they also wanted to obtain the knowledge from Jānis Ozols and sing together with MASKA, and their wish was granted on January 10.

Photo: Roberts Birze

A really special concert occurred on January 12, when the choir gave a pop-up concert in Victoria State library – the beautiful “Cowen Gallery”. Choir MASKA really values this chance to be the ambassadors of Latvian choir music and culture in the very beginning of the year of centenary of Latvia. The concert was attended by many locals and the guests of the city, who were introduce to the classics of Latvian choir music, as well as some best peaces of contemporary artists. On January 13 choir gave a full concert in Melbourne Latvian house, pleasing both Australian Latvians and guests with a versatile concert.

Choir is truly blessed with the time spent in Australia. We wish to thank the Australian Latvian society, especially the families who opened their doors and took in choristers both in Sydney and Melbourne. A special thanks goes to the active organizers – Sandra Draguns and Anita Andersone. This tour will always have a special place in the memory of every chorister as an unforgettable adventure.

“Maska” wins the folklore category and come in 2nd in polyphony in Tolosa

Maska Tolosā 3

In the beginning of November choir “Maska” went to Basque Country, Spain to participate in 49th Tolosa Choral Competition, that is also one of the European Choral Grand Prix events. The fact that the participating choirs do not only compete for the main prize, but also give concerts in towns and villages across the Basque country makes this competition quite special.

Maska Tolosā 2Before the competition “Maska” was in three towns – Ordizia, Getxo and Taffala – where concerts were given, and the Basque people seemed to like us a lot, giving warm applause and shouting bravo! even if the piece was not finished yet. With special joy we came back to the two towns that we visited also back in 2014, where the people actually remembered us and wished all the best in this year’s competition.

November 4 was the day, when “Maska” participated in both polyphony and folklore categories (both with the interval of one hour). The choir was ready for a good start and in both 20 minute programmes gave it all out… Now it was up to the jury.

We got to know the results, whilst having wonderful dinner in our Basque home town Zarautz. The loyal guides gave the good news that we have won folklore category and came in 2nd in the polyphony, which was followed by less good news, that the winner of children’s category – The Resonanz Children’s Choir from Indonesia – has gotten more points and are announced the winners of the competition.

Maska Tolosā 3

“Maska” is proud of this achievement, wants to thank a lot for the support that is coming from friends and families and most importantly – Babīte municipality. Also, “Maska” wishes the winners of the competition all the best in EGP final. Meanwhile choir is actively preparing for Independence day concert in Babīte municipality (November 17), 3rd ZieMASKAsvētki with Vestards Šimkus in Riga Cathedral (December 23) as well as the trip to Australia in the end of the year.

“Maska” wins the Grand Prix in 15th International Choir Competition “Tallinn 2017”

During this weekend mixed choir “Maska” has won the Grand Prix of 15th international choir contest “Tallinn 2017” that took place in the prestigious venue of “Estonia” concert hall in Tallinn.

The international choir contest in Tallinn is being held since 1972 and this year 31 choirs and vocal groups from Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Belarus participated in the competition.

Choir “Maska” participated in three categories, getting the highest score in mixed choir and contemporary music categories, as well as being second best in the folklore category. This performance allowed the choir to qualify to the final, where “Maska” was the best of the best and won the Grand Prix!

During the competition choir “Maska” performed in the opening concert in Tallinn’s Methodist church as well as in a night concert in “Hopneri Maja” concert hall in Tallinn’s old town. The final was broadcasted in Estonian national radio and supporters could also hear the performance via web.

Choirs were vetted by a serious international jury: Tone Bianca Dahl (Norway), Basilio Astulez Duque (Spain), Georg Grün (Germany), Heli Jürgenson (Estonia), Ko Matsushita (Japan).

“I am truly proud about what we have accomplished. For my beloved youngsters. For Latvia. It is almost unbelievable that with our songs we – the Maska-family again and again prove to the foreign auditory that our country’s glory of the choral singing has not disappeared. And it is especially nice to hear the whole audience chanting the word “Latvia” although you are abroad” says choir’s artistic director and conductor Jānis Ozols.

“Maska” performed pieces both by Latvian and foreign composers, including Arvo Pärt, Pärt Uusberg, Micheal Berkley, Perttu Haapanen and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi as well as Pēteris Vasks, Laura Jēkabsone and Ēriks Ešenvalds.

Already this Saturday “Maska” will compete in live TV show hosted by national broadcaster Latvian Television – “Latvija dzied!” (“Latvia sings!”). This a selection event to name the choir that will be participating from Latvia in the first “Eurovision choir of the year 2017” event to be held in July. It will be broadcasted in LTV1 as well as in live-stream in the internet, so everyone has the possibility to tune-in and support “Maska”!

Mixed choir “Maska” to have a concert together with choir “Labyrinth” from USA on July 11 in Riga St. John’s church

We are happy to announce having a concert with choir “Labyrinth” from USA. It will take place on July 11 at 19:00 in Riga St. John’s church.
“Labyrinth” is an ensemble of 16 professional singers, that have been brought together by Dr. Anita Kupriss who is well known in Latvia for her folk song “Ģērbies saule sudrabota” interpretation. More information about the choir: choir “Labyrinth” web page.
Choir “Maska” is truly honoured to have this opportunity of performing together with guests from USA, so we are inviting every fan of choral music to join us.


Mixed choir “Maska” is greeted in the Czech Republic with standing ovations

IMG_2231_mWithin participation in the 13th international choir festival Sborove Slavnosti in Hradec Králové, mixed choir “Maska” held a concert tour in the Czech Republic. To brighten Latvia’s name in world of choral music, choir “Maska” performed pieces created only by Latvian composers, such as J. Mediņš, L. Garūta, P. Butāns, B. Skulte, L. Jēkabsone, Ē. Ešenvalds and others. Festival which is organised by Czech a capella masters “Gentleman singers” is one of the most important choral events in the country. This year it hosted four local choirs (mixed choirs “Smetana” and “JITRO” and female choirs “Vokální Harmonie” and “Kantilená”) as well as three guest choirs —“Cantemus” (Hungary), “Ad Una Corda” (The Slovak Republic) and “Maska” (Latvia).

During the festival, choir “Maska” gave seven concerts in Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Šumperk and Prague, where the audience greeted the choir with standing ovations. Festival’s gala concert was held in Hradec Králové’s historical Cathedral of The Holy Spirit, where all festival’s choirs together performed Leoš Janaček’s Otčenaš (Our Father”) for mixed choir, tenor soloist, organs and harp. However, choir “Maska” concluded the tour with a special performance in Czech Philharmonic – majestic Rudolfinum’s most beautiful Dvořák Hall.

MASKA_Rudolfinum1_m IMG_2709_m

“Maska” popularized Latvian music not only by performing pieces exclusively done by Latvian composers, but also by organizing a workshop led by Jānis Ozols and Laura Jēkabsone. During the workshop, festival participants – both professionals and amateurs – were introduced to traditions of Latvian choral music, putting an emphasis on Latvian Song and Dance Festival phenomena, as well as the rich cultural heritage.


Choir’s visit to the Czech Republic was also noticed by fellow Latvians residing in the country. Latvia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary – His Excellency Mr. Alberts Sarkanis – attended one of the concerts held in Prague in the Czech Republic. During the last day of the festival, a reception of choir “Maska” to Latvian Embassy in the Czech Republic, where the ambassador stressed, how important are the activities done by Latvian culture workers in the terms of establishing foreign affairs, as well as thanked choir “Maska” for its input in creation of Latvia’s image in the world.

More about the festival and mixed choir’s “Maska” participation in it, you can find in festival’s Facebook page.

Koris MASKA pārstāvēs Latviju starptautiskā koru festivālā Čehijā

Babītes novada jauktas koris “Maska” no šī gada 7.-12. jūnijam pārstāvēs Latviju vienā no nozīmīgākajiem kormūzikas notikumiem Čehijā – 13. Starptautiskajā koru festivālā Sborove Slavnosti Hradeckrālovē. Festivālu organizē pasaulē atzītā vokālā grupa Gentlemen Singers un šogad festivāls pulcēs 4 korus no Čehijas, kā arī 3 viesu korus – jauktos korus “Cantemus” (Ungārija), “Ad Una Corda” (Slovākija) un “Maska” (Latvija).

“Mkoncerts PINKOS-03aska” festivāla ietvaros sniegs 7 koncertus Ostravā, Hradeckrālovē, Šumperkā un Prāgā, viesojoties arī Latvijas vēstniecībā Čehijā. Iepazīstinot festivāla dalībniekus un apmeklētājus ar latviešu kormūziku, diriģentu Jāņa Ozola un Lauras Jēkabsones vadībā koris sniegs meistarklases par Latvijas kordziedāšanas tradīcijām.

Festivāla kulminācijā – galā koncertā vēsturiskajā Svētā Gara katedrālē kori izpildīs Leoša Janačeks (Leoš Janaček) “Mūsu Tēvs” (“Otčenas”) jauktajam korim, solistam, ērģelēm un arfai.

Koncertos Čehijā koris izpildīs latviešu komponistu skaņdarbus, izceļot klasiskas kormūzikas vērtības, gan atklājot mūsdienās radītās mūzikas daudzveidību. Koncertprogrammu, kurā iekļauti J.Mediņa, L.Garūtas, P.Butāna, B.Skultes, L. Jēkabsones, Ē.Ešanvalda un citu komponistu skaņdarbi, ikvienam būs iespēja dzirdēt arī koncertā 5. jūnijā plkst. 13.00 Piņķu sv. Jāņa ev. lut. baznīcā. Ieeja koncertā par ziedojumiem.

Koris “MASKA” noslēdz 15 gadu jubilejas koncertciklu ar koncertu “Jo tāls ir ceļš līdz sapņu taka miglas ezeru straumes spožumā klusībā veras cerot, bet..”


Jauniešu koris “Maska” ar vērienu noslēgs savu 15. gadu jubilejas koncertciklu 1.aprīlī Babītes Kultūrizglītības centra lielajā zālē. Zīmīgi, ka šis koncertcikls noslēgsies ar pasaules pirmatskaņojumu Lauras Jēkabsones ciklam “Acīm redzamais”, kas veltīts jauniešu korim “Maska” jubilejas gadā. Iespējams, šis būs viens no filozofiskākajiem skaņdarbiem Lauras daiļradē, jo pieskaras pārpasaulīgām tēmām, piemēram, cilvēks un daba, vientulība, dzīvnieku aizsardzība un citām globālām, acīm redzamām lietām.

Koncerts būs divās daļās un kā ierasts, ne bez dažādiem muzikāliem pārsteigumiem. Šajā koncertā “Maska” un diriģents Jānis Ozols, iespējams, pierādīs, ka kormūzika un dziedāšana kā tāda spēj sniegties pāri nedomājamām robežām, gan garīgi, fiziski un pat emocionāli.

Kora 15 gadus ilgajā pastāvēšanas vēsturē, dziedātāji un diriģenti ir apzinājušies klausītāja lomu un atbalstu, kas šajā koncertā spilgti atspoguļosies gan mūzikā, gan telpas atmosfēriskajā noskaņā un sajūtās.
Programmā, kā jau minēts Lauras Jēkabsones kompozīcijas, arī paša Jāņa Ozola aranžējums, Andra Sējāna, Džuzepes Verdī, Imanta Kalniņa u.c. komponistu mūzika. Tas viss tiks paspilgtināts ar īpaši šim koncertam piemeklētām video projekcijām.

Choir “Maska” releases a new CD “ZIEMA” – a selection by Laura Jēkabsone

CD “Ziema”(“Winter”) includes three major compositions written by Laura Jēkabsone dedicated to Christmas theme – „Advent Story”, „Xmas All Around the World” and “Ziema”. These compositions are performed by choir, soloists and various instrumental groups – pianist Aurēlija Šimkus, kokle ensemble “Balti”, guitar virtuoso Gints Smukais, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra string group; conducted by – choir’s artistic director Jānis Ozols.

The record is already available in the world’s most popular streaming services:

"Ziema" Spotify  itunes_13_icon__png__ico__icns__by_loinik-d8wqjzr  normal_1024  GooglePlay-Icon  Amazon-icon  tidal_mac_icon_by_djtech42-d8yn5nm

The record is also available in a tangible form at choir’s concerts or through contacting choir’s representatives.

We remind that CD’s presentation concert “ZieMASKAsvētki” will be held on December 20 in Riga Dome Cathedral at 19:00.

“Choir’s second CD and the concert is another culmination of choir “Maska” 15th anniversary. Composer Laura Jēkabsone has been choir’s vocal teacher that allows her to feel choir’s possibilities, sound and character. However, her signature can be described with lightness and specific melody, as well as attention to detail. In a result we have created an album in a Christmas mood, which is also a great way for Laura to be noticed as a great composer in the professional choir-music environment” emphasizes choir’s conductor Jānis Ozols.

Opus “Advent Story” tells the story about winter from Advent till the birth of Jesus Christ. Music is dominated by contrasts, which are created by variety in the performers as well as the specifics of the acoustic of the room and usage of rhythm percussions. „Xmas All around the World” is a journey in Santa’s sleigh around the world, visiting France, Ukraine, Sweden, Venezuela, Israel, South Africa, England and coming back to Latvia, having gather each nation’s most beautiful winter solstice songs. However, composition „Ziema” is for mixed choir, string orchestra, piano and soloist, that brings to life lyrics by Rainis and Aspazija, as well as composer herself.

ZieMASKAsvētki (“ChristMASKAs”) – December 20, Riga Dome Cathedral

December 20 19:00, Riga Dome Cathedral

PROGRAMME: Compositions composed by LAURAS JĒKABSONE

„Advent Story” for mixed choir, soloists and kokle ensemble in 6 parts

„Xmas All around the World” for mixed choir, guitar and percussion

“ZIEMA” („Winter”) for mixed choir, soloist, piano and string orchestra – PREMIERE!


Choir’s „MASKA” Christmas concerts have become an integral part of the most wonderful time of the year. This year „MASKA” is celebrating its 15 Year Anniversary year of choir lead by its conductor Jānis OZOLS will give an exclusive concert called „ZieMASKAsvētki” („ChristMASKAs”) in the Riga Dome Cathedral on the fourth Advent.

The concert programme consists of the music composed talented composer, singer and leader of the vocal group Latvian Voices – Laura Jēkabsone. These compositions are written specially for choir „MASKA”, soloists and different instrumental accompaniment that will be performed by musicians recognized both in Latvia and abroad:

  • Kokle ensemble „BALTI”,
  • Guitar virtuoso Gints SMUKAIS, as well as
  • pianist Aurēlija ŠIMKUS, who will perform the WORLD PREMIERE of composition „Ziema” (“Winter”)


 “Advent Story” is a story about winter – from its very beginning and Advent time till the birth of Christ. It is music that’s full of contrasts made by the diversity of performers, acoustics of the church and rhythm percussion.

„Xmas All around the World” will take you on a musical trip around the world in Santa’s sleigh, visiting France, Ukraine, Venezuela, Israel, South Africa, England, eventually coming back to Latvia, having collected the most beautiful solstice songs from all the nations.

Whereas composition „Ziema” (“Winter”) is original music by Laura Jēkabsone, that enlivens poetry of the greatest Latvian poets celebrating their 150th Anniversary – Rainis and Aspazija, as well as some lines written by the composer.

This concert programme is also recorded in a CD “ZIEMA” and will be issued at the beginning of December.

Choir “MASKA” is one the best mixed amateur choirs in Latvia, achieving high results in competitions in Latvia and abroad.  They are a creative unity and they stand out with a unique musicality and daring to be innovative by creating new interpretations and collaborations with other musicians.

Tickets available in all “Biļešu paradīze” box offices and

15% discount for students, pensioners and persons with disability. Free entrance for pre-school children if a separate seat is not occupied.

Choir “MASKA” 15 Year Anniversary Concert

This September 15 years will turn since youth choir „Maska” was established. The anniversary season will open with a concert on 18th September at the Great Hall of the University of Latvia, and continue with a release of a Christmas CD and concert at the Riga Dome Cathedral on 20th December, as well as a concert on 1st April, 2016.


At the concert on 18th September you will hear the most significant compositions the choir has performed during 15 years of its existence, highlighting the development, most significant events, brightest emotions and victories of the time. The choir will perform pieces specially composed for them as well as compositions of Latvian and foreign composers, such as Vincent Clarke, Perttu Haapanen, James MacMillan, Jāzeps Mediņš, Jāzeps Vītols, Juris Vaivods, Pēteris Vasks, Renāte Stivriņa, Rihards Zaļupe, Ēriks Ešenvalds, Reinis Sējāns, Andris Sējāns, Jānis Šipkēvics (Shipsi) and conductor of the choir – Jānis Ozols.

An essential part of the concert will be compositions written by Laura Jēkabsone, who is choir-master of “Maska” and also leader of the vocal group “Latvian Voices”.  Among the pieces composed for the choir, there will also be a world premiere of a new piece composed for the choir’s anniversary concert.

The concert’s special guest will be the instrumental group “Xylem Trio” that choir  “Maska” has collaborated for many years with. It consists of percussionist Rihards Zaļupe and brothers Oskars and Raimonds Petrauskis playing saxophone and piano.

Youth choir “Maska” was founded in 2000 by its conductor Jānis Ozols. They have gained many achievements at international competitions and they are one of the best choirs in Latvia, also well recognized abroad. The choir is unique by its ability to perform not only in the frame of classical music, but also introducing creative innovations making choir music more attractive to every listener. The choir professionally performs both Latvian and foreign music from choir classics to contemporary music, as well as pop/folk/ethno compositions, often surprising the audience with ingenious performance solutions.

 Tickets available at “Biļešu Paradīze” box offices and


Koris “Maska” aicina apmeklēt VIII Ziemeļu un Baltijas valstu dziesmu svētku pasākumus!

Koris “Maska” aicina apmeklēt VIII Ziemeļu un Baltijas valstu dziesmu svētku pasākumus!

No 2015. gada 25. līdz 28. jūnijam Rīgā un Latvijas novados norisināsies VIII Ziemeļu un Baltijas valstu Dziesmu svētki, atzīmējot šīs tradīcijas 20 gadus. Šo gadu laikā svētki sarīkoti visās tradīcijā iesaistītajās dalībvalstīs. Simboliski, ka tieši jubilejas gadā svētki atgriežas Latvijā. Svētkos piedalīsies kori no Dānijas, Igaunijas, Islandes, Latvijas, Lietuvas, Norvēģijas, Somijas, Zviedrijas, kā arī latviešu kori ārvalstīs. Programmu papildinās deju kolektīvi un pūtēju orķestri – kopā svētkos tiksies ap 8000 dalībnieku, kuru vidū arī Koris “Maska”

27. jūnijā Koris “Maska” piedalīsies VIII Ziemeļu un Baltijas valstu dziesmu svētku reģionālajā dienā Jūrmalā. 27. jūnija programma:
11:00 – 14:00 vairāku koru solo-koncerti Jomas ielā, Majoros;
18:30 Šauļu Valsts kamerkora POLIFONIJA (Lietuva) koncerts Dubultu evaņģēliski luteriskajā baznīcā;
20:30 Lielkoncerts pie Majoru Dzelzceļa stacijas, kurā piedalīsies vairāk kā 500 koru dziedātāju no Lietuvas, Igaunijas, Somijas, Norvēģijas, Zviedrijas, Grenlandes un, protams, Latvijas (kori “PRIEDE”, “NOKTIRNE”, “BURINIEKS”, “ĶEKAVA”, “RESONO”, “DAUGAVIETE”, “VIA STELLA”, “LIRA”, “ZEMDEGA”, “MĀRUPE”, “SPĀRNOS”, “VAIVARI”, “JŪRMALA”, “MALDUGUNIS”, “ATSKAŅA”, “UNIVERSUM”, “TEMPUS”, “MOZAĪKA” un “MASKA”, kā arī Xylem Trio un vairāki solisti.
• Visos 27. jūnija koncertos Jūrmalā ieeja bez maksas!

Svētku vērienīgākais notikums būs Noslēguma koncerts, kas norisināsies 28. jūnijā plkst. 17.00, Mežaparka Lielajā estrādē, Rīgā. Koncerta programmu veidos izcili skaņdarbi, kas iepriekš jau izskanējuši Ziemeļu un Baltijas valstu Dziesmu svētkos, kā arī vairākas jaunas dziesmas no visām svētku dalībvalstīm. Tāpat Ziemeļu un Baltijas valstu kopkoris izpildīs daļas no Karla Orfa (Carl Orff) slavenās kantātes Carmina Burana, kas būs grandiozākais šī skaņdarba atskaņojums pasaulē. Priecīga ir arī ziņa, ka vokālā grupa “Cosmos” apvienosies īpaši šim gadījumam, lai svētku noslēguma koncertā kopā ar kopkori izpildītu dziesmu “Vindo”.

Svētku noslēguma koncerts vienlaikus būs arī Latvijas prezidentūras Eiropas Savienības Padomē kultūras programmas noslēguma pasākums Latvijā, tādējādi piesaistot gan Latvijas, gan visas Eiropas sabiedrības uzmanību dziesmu svētku tradīcijai.
Biļetes uz noslēguma koncertu iespējams iegādāties “Biļešu paradīzē”.

Vairāk informācijas VIII Ziemeļu un Baltijas valstu Dziesmu svētku mājas lapā:


Choir “Maska” will take part in Anna Salmane and Krišs Salmanis exhibition “Song”

Choir “Maska” will take part in Anna Salmane and Krišs Salmanis exhibition “Song”

During this July choir “Maska” will participate in exhibition “Song” (“Dziesma”) Anna Salmane and Krišs Salmanis that will take place in “Arsenāls” Exhibition Hall. Choir will be performing composition “Dievzemīte II” by Kristaps Pētersons that is specially created for this event.

Working on the exhibition, artists Anna Salmane and Krišs Salmanis have gathered all the songs that have been performed in the closing concerts of Song festivals since reinstitution of independence in 1990. Counting the words that have been sung, artists came to a conclusion that the most popular words are “saule” (sun, 209 times) and “meita” (daughter, 193 times). However, the third place was taken by an unforeseen word. Due to both surprise and the strong connotation this word has, artists decided to create a song, which lyrics consist only of this word.

Kristaps Pētersons has transferred this idea into two new pieces — “Dievzemīte I” and “Dievzemīte II”. “Dievzemīte I” created in the collage technique, using 184 (this many times this word was sung in the Closing concerts) fragments of Song festival records and will be available for viewing and hearing in the exhibition’s regular part. “Dievzemīte II” is a new piece for a mixed choir without accompaniment. It will be performed in “Arsenāls” Exhibition Hall’s lobby by choir “Maska” conducted by Jānis Ozols.

Exhibition will be open from June 19 till July 26.

Choir “Maska” will perform on:

July 2, at 18:00 and 19:00;

July 9, at 18:00 and 19:00;

July 16, at 18:00 and 19:00.

Anna Salmane Krišs Salmanis Kristaps Pētersons


Mixed Choir “Maska” gains great achievements in a competition with world’s best choirs


Mixed choir “Maska” has just returned from 13th International Choral Competition „Gallus Maribor 2015” that took place in Slovenia. Among 13 strong participants choir “Maska” managed to get into the Grand Prix, received a score of 92,2 points that guaranteed the very high 2nd place. First place was taken by “East Carolina University Chamber Singers from the USA and the difference in the score was as little as 0,3 points. Choir “Maska” also received a special prize from the jury for the best performance of Jacob Gallus (Iacobus Gallus) composition.

Janis_Ozols_mariboraChoir’s conductor and artistic director said: “I am especially glad that choir received the special prize from the jury, since the composition „Mirabile Mysterium” was a real challenge for the choir. This composition was written by J. Gallus in the 16th century, however it is outstanding with a unique sound that is extraordinary for that time. I am proud that our performance was recognized as the best one in the prestigious Maribor choral competition that is named after this outstanding composer.”


Choral competition „Gallus Maribor” takes place every second year and always gathers best choirs from all around the world. The choirs are carefully evaluated by their achievements, artistic quality an repertoire and only then are invited to participate. This competition is one of six European Choral Grand Prix events and this year choirs from Sweden, Indonesia, Slovenia, USA, Ireland, Germany and Latvia took part in it.

Competition program director Mihela Jagodic who organizes international choral competition already for ten years, acknowledged that in her and jury’s opinion the performance and musical quality of the choirs that were nominated to participate in the Grand Prix of “Gallus Maribor 2015” was equal to that in European Choral Grand Prix grand finale.

We offer you to listen to choir’s performance of Ēriks Ešenvalds’ composition “Northern Lights” in the Grand Prix  :


Choir “Maska” concert in Easter Monday


Mixed choir “Maska” invites everyone to spend Easter Monday in a musical atmosphere. Choir will be hosting a concert, performing the program it has prepared for “13th International Choral Competition Gallus Maribor 2015” that is a part of The European Grand Prix for Choral Singing that will take place in Maribor, Slovenia.

Seven mixed, one male, one female choirs and three vocal groups will be competing for the main prize – chance to participate in The European Grand Prix for Choral Singing 2016 final. These music groups originate from all around the world – Slovenia, Indonesia, USA, Sweden, Ireland and Latvia, which will be represented by Mixed Choir “Maska” and Mixed choir Sōla of the Latvian Academy of Culture.

We invite everyone to attend our concert that will take place on 6th of April 15:00 in the Great Hall of Babīte Center of Cultural Education. In this concert you will have the possibility to hear out the program that “Maska” has prepared for this competition, that includes variety of music from different ages, nations and composers.