Five years have passed and the magical moment, when all choristers join in a unite song is just around the corner. In other words – the XXVI Latvian Song celebration is here, this time dedicated to the Latvian centenary.

We, Choir MASKA, are especially happy to be an important part of the celebration, since we will:

  • On June 30 fight in the “Song wars” (Choir competition that takes place once in every five years, where the TOP20 mixed choirs from all over Latvia, which have been evaluated by jury during this spring, participate);
  • On July 1 together with the very best Latvian musicians, we will perform at the Opening concert that is a special event for the participants of the celebration. We are very proud that it will be conducted by our own Jānis Ozols;
  • On July 7 and 8 we will sing in the Closing concert and its dress rehearsal together with other 426 choirs;
  • In the end during the night from July 8 to July 9, we will keep the song going on in the sing-along night.

It is a very tense time for the choir, however it is spent with great joy of being together and strengthening the traditions of singing. Hope to see you in the events and concerts. We will be especially happy about the support during the Song wars, where we will perform as #7 in the group that starts at 19:30. More info about this event can be found here.

About other events of the celebration please follow and celebration’s facebook page.