During this July choir “Maska” will participate in exhibition “Song” (“Dziesma”) Anna Salmane and Krišs Salmanis that will take place in “Arsenāls” Exhibition Hall. Choir will be performing composition “Dievzemīte II” by Kristaps Pētersons that is specially created for this event.

Working on the exhibition, artists Anna Salmane and Krišs Salmanis have gathered all the songs that have been performed in the closing concerts of Song festivals since reinstitution of independence in 1990. Counting the words that have been sung, artists came to a conclusion that the most popular words are “saule” (sun, 209 times) and “meita” (daughter, 193 times). However, the third place was taken by an unforeseen word. Due to both surprise and the strong connotation this word has, artists decided to create a song, which lyrics consist only of this word.

Kristaps Pētersons has transferred this idea into two new pieces — “Dievzemīte I” and “Dievzemīte II”. “Dievzemīte I” created in the collage technique, using 184 (this many times this word was sung in the Closing concerts) fragments of Song festival records and will be available for viewing and hearing in the exhibition’s regular part. “Dievzemīte II” is a new piece for a mixed choir without accompaniment. It will be performed in “Arsenāls” Exhibition Hall’s lobby by choir “Maska” conducted by Jānis Ozols.

Exhibition will be open from June 19 till July 26.

Choir “Maska” will perform on:

July 2, at 18:00 and 19:00;

July 9, at 18:00 and 19:00;

July 16, at 18:00 and 19:00.

Anna Salmane Krišs Salmanis Kristaps Pētersons